As an associate dentist do you ever:

>  Feel under-educated on contracts & partnership agreements?
>  Unsure about which CE’s to invest in?
>  Have overwhelming anxiety about opening a practice?
>  Feel unclear about the plan of action for your financial future?
>  Struggle with the ability to develop your unique leadership style?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this resource library is a great first step for you. Dr. Ellis and her team have created some amazing content which will guide you along the path of establishing your voice and presence in the world of dentistry.

Associate Dentist Downloads:

>  E-book: You’ve Graduated Now What? Chapter 1
>  To CE or Not to CE Guide
>  Identifying the Gaps in your Leadership Style Guide
>  Planning & Execution Calendar & Action Item List

Dr. Simone Ellis has built her award winning practice from the ground up, and she will share with you her career trajectory guide to success. As an associate dentist, you have the unique ability to customize your career path. Let Dr. Ellis assist you as along your journey towards shaping your successful and fulfilling career. If you are in need of professional direction, click below to schedule a one on one consult with Dr. Simone Ellis. She will be your guide and biggest cheerleader; helping to catapult you to the success you have always dreamed of.