As a dental student, do you ever ask yourself:

>  What’s Next?
>  How do I identify my career steps (Specialization, Residency, Work)
>  Mentors – Do I need one?

Throughout your current academic journey do you ever feel:

>  The competition of being first in class is weighing you down?
>  Dentistry- Did I make the right decision?
>  I am stressed out and felling alone!
>  I suck at prioritizing my life!

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, this resource library is for you! Don’t wait until graduation to have a game plan! There is no time like the present to formulate what you want YOUR future to be and have a roadmap to get there. Dr. Ellis and her team have created some amazing content which will encourage you to embrace your journey of dental school and prepare for a rewarding career. Follow @TheAmbitiousDentist on social media and Join The Ambitious Dentist mailing list for monthly free-bies, awesome giveaways, personal encouragement and live webinars with Dr. Simone Ellis!

Dental Student Downloads:

>  Career Roadmap
>  Motivational Posters
>  Types of Associateships Guide
>  Ebook: A Dental Student’s Guide to Mentorship

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